The (New) Metamorphosis of the Gods

During a creative camp in Greece, made together, in september 2016, with the Romanian Organization "Truicart Events", Maurice Boulogne visit Athens and the inevitable Acropolis. The proximity of the Gods of Olympus, associated with tourist behavior, generated by the upheavals in modern society inspires and gives birth to a new series : "The (new) metamorphosis of the Gods" or Metamorphosis of the Gods 2.0". Yes ! The Gods are no longer that they once were.
They adapt to the new legislation, follow the fads, or sink into addiction.
His look is not devoid of a certain nostalgia of human values which desintegrate, of a certain sadness at the (re)rising intolerance, the pendulum effect that goes from religions that are diluted to others are radicalized. Should we cry, should we laugh ? Maurice Boulogne has opted to treat the subject with humor.
No doubt, this is the way to blow a whistle !